A graduate and past Vice-President of the C.G. Jung Institute in Küsnacht, I hold practice licenses for Canton Zürich and Canton Schaffhausen and am registered to work through Swiss Health Insurance. I have practices in both central Zürich and Schaffhausen.

We all have the tendency to ignore and minimise the movements of our psychology. Sometimes this becomes intolerable, sometimes it becomes a habit which we suddenly become aware of. Paying attention to such things is therefore sometimes urgent, sometimes very useful but is regardless always important, often in ways one cannot predict.

Anxiety and depression are all too common, understandable responses to some of the difficulties of modern life and it is usually worthwhile to investigate them so that they do not become habits from which it is hard to escape.


I am happy to provide open advice to anyone investigating psychotherapy or psychoanalysis as many people have questions about the process, structure or contents of such work before they decide to take part in it.

· Practice  ·


Address · Sonneggsteig 7, 8006 Zürich

Email · kime@pkime.ch

Tel · 044 586 3392

By telephone, please leave a message and I will usually reply the same day.

· Directions to Zürich Practice ·


Take tram 7 or 15 going North to stop "Sonneggstrasse" (two stops after Central). Go left across the bottom of the road and you will see steps going up to the right, near to a small, modern bronze drinking fountain. Go up the steps almost to the top. To the left side, there is an iron gate. The door to the practise is red with iron decorations and the bell is on the left of the door.


If coming by car, there are "blue zone" parking spaces and also 2 hour meters all long Turnerstrasse and the surrounding area at the top of the steps.

The above interview is also now available in the book "Breakfast in Küsnacht: Conversations on C.G. Jung and Beyond"